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1000 word interview app

Post by Samantha Delessio on Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:33 am

hey! would you mind answering a few questions?

um, sure, i dunno if you'll find anything interesting, but whatever you need, ask away.

awesome! let's start with the basics, okay? name, age, all that stuff.

well, my full name is samantha jean james *shudders* i despise my middle name with a burning passion. i normally go by sam, sammy, or my really close friends call me sammy jay. i'm twenty six years old, and i blow out the birthday candles on the seventh of november every year. i'm currently living in new york city, though i grew up in cameron, north carolina. i've been living in new york since i was nineteen. i'm a registered nurse and i currently work at a clinic for the homeless and those with chronic or terminal illnesses, my nana is helping me fund it, so it's a free clinic.

alright, what're you like? what are some of your favorite things?

hmmm, well i'm a pretty shy person when i'm first getting to know someone, i tend to have my guard up for a while unless there's just something special about the person that makes trust easier. getting close to people in general just isn't something that comes easy for me. i have a mortal fear of losing people i get close to, so i guess part of me is like "if you don't get close to them, you can't lose them, so you can't get hurt." if i actually do manage to get close to a person i've been told i'm pretty bubbly. i can be silly, i can be sweet, pretty much the only thing i can't be is a bitch. i don't like confrontation so i try to avoid it.

i really like music, like a lot. it used to be a really big part of my life until, well until life changed. i still play my guitar from time to time, and i still write songs now and again, it just doesn't come as easily anymore. i've been told i'm a bit of a mother hen, and that my nurse instincts tend to take over at the first little sneeze or cough from someone i care about. *laughs* i actually like it though. i like taking care of people, especially those that i care about, it makes me feel needed, like i have a purpose.

i gotcha, how about what you don't really care for? any bad habits or secrets?

i guess my shyness is one of the things i don't like, even though i mentioned that earlier. it's sort of a double edge sword in a way, it keeps me from getting hurt, but it also keeps me from really opening up to a person, and that can really hurt a relationship, trust me, i've learned that. also, i have a disability called quad spastic cerebral palsy, which causes me to have to use a walker or an aide of some sort to get around. i try not to use my aides when i can, like when i'm in my apartment, or sometimes in an exam room at work when i can get away with it. i'll use tables, counter tops, chairs, beds, whatever i can to hold onto to get me around a room. i don't really hate my disability per se, but it gets in the way a lot. what i do hate about it is people who think that just because i'm disabled i'm helpless and can't do anything for myself. i can't freaking stand that. if i don't ask for help, i don't need it. now i'll admit that i can be stubborn from time to time and i'll sit and struggle to do something until i get it, that's probably one time i don't mind people helping when i don't ask, is when they see me struggling like that.

no way! well, could you tell me about your history? what about your family, friends, lovers...?

*sighs and chews at lip while playing with a bit of her hair* that's the tough part.....but let's start at the beginning shall we? as i said before i was born in a small southern town called cameron. it's a tobacco farming town in north carolina. cameron's pretty much your stereotypical small town, y'know everybody knows everybody and everything about them. i don't really know much about my father, he skipped out when i was sixteen months old after we found out about my cerebral palsy. all i know is his name was ray. after my father, or my sperm donor as my family often refers to him, left, my mother, melissa, moved the two of us to my grandparents farm a tobacco farm of course. my mother worked at the local hospital, cameron central medical center. she says that's where i got my love of taking care of people from, because there were times when she was working that my nana and pappy couldn't watch me, so she'd have to take me to work with her. i don't have many memories of that until i got older though.

when i was two years old, my momma adopted caleb. his birth mother died in a car accident while she was pregnant with him, but they managed to save him and his father wasn't in the picture, so momma took him as her own. caleb is like my twin. he might be younger than me, but you'd never know it. because of his traumatic birth he has some mental problems, and is a little slower at grasping concepts than most, but he deals with it pretty well. my next real memory came when i was 5. my life was literally changed then. i know you're probably thinking: "what in the world could happen to a five year old to change their life?" christopher delessio happened. chris and his family, his mother april and his younger sister cheyenne moved into the farm house next to us. chris was a little older than me, he was 7 at the time. his younger sister cheyenne was four, so she and i became fast friends. it seemed like everywhere cheyenne and i went, christopher wasn't far behind us. our parents used to joke around that when we got older we were going to fall in love, and sure enough, we did. i was 13 when christopher and i started dating. i remember the whole town was buzzing about it.

i was eighteen when christopher asked me to marry him, sadly the wedding would never happen. we planned on getting married on my nineteenth birthday, chris was killed by a drunk driver six months before that. *tears up a little, but quickly wipes eyes* i was in the car with him when it happened. i only stayed in cameron until two weeks after my nineteenth birthday. i couldn't take being surrounded by the memories of him, so i packed my car and i ran. that's how i ended up in new york. nana sends me money when she can, she's actually how i managed to open up the clinic, but yea since i got to new york i've lived alone in an apartment on avenue b.

well, that's all we need! thanks for your time!

*nods* no problem, anytime *smiles and leaves*

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