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Post by Samantha Delessio on Sun Mar 30, 2014 8:47 am

Lewis made a face as he got out of his car, he hated when he woke up with his throat hurting. He had to get better by the weekend for his show so he dragged himself to the hospital, he hoped that at least Nora would be there already. He checked his sidebag as he walked into the hospital, he made sure he had everything as he walked up to the desk.

Sebastian laid curled up in Julien's bed, normally he would be up by now seeing as it was almost time for classes and he still needed a shower. But once again it seemed like he had caught something and he had yet to tell Julien. He knew his boyfriend would want to do a full work up and he wasn't going to get out of it. He hated his body, all it seemed to do was get sick.

Daniel smiled as he balanced the two cups of coffee and a bag of breakfast food, he had managed to get up and get some food to have breakfast in bed with Josh. They had a whole day to relax since the theater had lost power and they didn't have a show tonight.

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